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Manufacturing of dried fruits is our history.

With our 50 years of experience, we can assure our customers with the best quality of the World.

Yamanlar Company, founded in 1970 by Haci Kemal Yaman and his son Ilhami Yaman, started its business life with our major product; dried apricots of Malatya. Because of Izmir Port, we established our plant which manufactures dried fruits since 1981, 3km far from port, in Izmir. Our sister company Yamanlar Food, our nuts processing plant, was established in Dudullu in Istanbul.

In Turkey we were one of the first dried apricots exporters in 1980s. Still we export dried fruits such as dried apricots, dried figs, sultana raisins, dried cherries, dried sour-cherries, prunes, dried mulberries, dried apples,carobs, oleasters, apricot kernels and nuts.

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